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Work out the problem和work the problem out都可以,前者看起来更好些. deal with the problem意思是处理问题(还没解决) 也可以说:solve the problem

solve the problem

楼主你好,面对问题可以用face the problem解决问题则是solve the problem希望可以帮到你.

with the fast development of our society, life-long learning has become very important for everyone. this is because one needs lo acquire new knowledge continuously in order to meet the needs of his work.there are several ways for one to learn life-

work out:算出结果 work on:为…而工作

An independant problem resolving capability in work is required for that job (position,etc.).也可以说We require the person/position be capable of resolving problems independantly in work. 或 We require the person/position be with an independant

The problem is hard to work out.更上一层楼!*^__^*不明白的再问哟,请及时采纳,多谢

solve the problems

他们认为自己可以解决问题.They think that they can solve the problem by themselves. solve the problem:解决问题by oneself:自己独自做某事

选Bcome across偶然遇到的意思work out解决do with 相处,忍受,处置get on上车,与……相处本题翻译:你的同事很聪明 对的,我按照处理难题的方式来选择我的同事.


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