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My Campus Life 我的大学生活 My campus life is rich and colorful. 我的大学生活是丰富多彩的. I go to attend class everyday morning excluding 除了周末,我每天早上去上课. weekend,in class i study and discuss all kinds of 在课堂上我学习各种

University life is an interesting book, reads more like reading, reads more exciting! Let us draw the essence, make full use of resources in thought, I had experienced a great change. To enter university, in charge of you without the person, you must

The college life is wonderful. All life in school are fresh. New teachers, new classmates and fresh friends are around me. I've felt their friendship, wide knowledge and opening mind. The grand library, school buildings and wide playground are very

Four Years at CollegeCollege is no place to play games and fool around. You are now to think about your future and what is to become of you. First year students or just freshmen come to their first class with serious facial expressions, already

Life is a long,long journey. College life is the most beautiful movement in my life. This time of life is cheerful and enjoyable. At university I learn to recharge my battery and reposition myself.Learning is one thing that goes though all one's life, and the

教学大纲teaching program; syllabus 教学内容content of courses 本科undergraduate course 学制educational system 正规学制时间the time of formal school system 双学士制a double BA degree system 双主修double major 双重学籍double

I just went through my first year of college. The toughest part on me at first was the general adjustment.1 went to a very small high school where my mom was a teacher and she did practically everything for me. But at the college I needed to know some

entered our college's sing-class after the College Enterance Examination with my dreaming of music and the faith to my teachers.Being a south college,it took me a long time to adjust to my college life,as my hometown is in the north.In the beginning

My college life I am proud of being a college student. I like my college life as it is so wonderful time in my youth. As being born in small village of the remote countryside, I didn't have a good education environment. However, I set a goal and felt


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