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这是我自己翻译的: 一个四岁的女孩在医生的怀抱里躺着.她刚刚失去了她的妈妈.她粉红色的衣服满是血迹,她的眼睛看着一些只有她自己能看见的东西.每天我们都在电视上看到这样的画面.当那些士兵穿过城镇和城市向伊拉克首都巴格达

I used to think he was a gentle and kind person, but after a series of things, I got to know him again.欢迎2113追问5261,望4102采纳1653,谢版谢!权

Distinguished guests, ladies, gentlemen:Everybody is good!Today is good day, Mr. XXX and Miss XXX's marriage, I trust the bride and groom,very honored to witness the marriage of each improves by association with the other word for it,

Excuse me, are you must next Tuesday or three to the show next week? Performance is some, but we will set out to Beijing next week, next week four to back to hangzhou, we go to Beijing these days, hangzhou performance will continue, is

Once there was a piano player in a bar, people came just to hear him play, But one night, a lady asked him to sing a song. "I don't sing" said the man but the lady told the waiter."I'm tired of listening to the piano, I want the player to sing!" The

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I call+++I am 12 years old, my birthday is February 9, I like of the animal is a bird because it is very interesting , I like of sport is to play ping-pong, I like of the movie is a documentary film, I like of the academics is mathematics because i also think it is very interesting

你通常在周末做什么? 李常踢足球.有时候l远足.你呢? 通常l打扫我的房间.l经常去郊游. 让我们一起去徒步旅行下Sunday.Great.

We have no idea of specification of insulating strip and hope your company provides new drawings and updated BOM document to use. Thank you!


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