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许多年前,我驾着车来到加油站加油,这是很好的一天,和感觉不错,当我走到加油 我知道发生什么事情,这个地方很美好但是黄色令人厌恶,和这灯反射在墙上的光使

Some people have no chance to see, and so have the opportunity to met with, but hesitated, and meet better not seen. Have not had a chance to do some things, and so have the opportunity, and did not want to do. Some things buried in the heart

I know from the newspaper that The Shanghai World Expo is upcoming and they are recruiting volunteers. I'm so honered to introduce myself here. I'm a senior high school student. I'm very good at drawing and dancing. My English is very good,

个人翻译,希望你满意: Because I haven't graduated from university, 因为我还没有毕业,I should come back to the university when it is necessary,必要时我会重返校园的.This time is my third time to come back .这次是我第三次回来了.On

结交朋友和学习中的语言亚美尼亚了比预期更长的时间,直至恐怖袭击事件9月11日. 我们的房子搬进是巨大的,美丽的.社区被认为是最好的一个在所有埃里温,亚美尼亚的首都,但它不能打动我. 2.Our优雅的住宅包围了一个8英尺的墙壁上

当钟声敲打在11点的时候,整个房子是安静的.全部的人都睡下了,除了我.在强烈的光照射下,我悲伤的看着在我眼前一大堆被称作是书的东西.明天我将要考试了.“我什么时候才能够上床睡觉啊”我问自己.我没有回答,事实上我不敢. 钟声敲打在了12点.“Oh, dear”我叫了出来,“在我能够睡觉之前有更多的书要读”我们学生是世界上最可怜的生物.爸爸对我这个观点并不赞同.因为他小时候并不需要这样辛苦. 钟声敲打在了1点.我现在非常的绝望.我忘记了所有我学过的东西.我太累了而不能继续看下去.我唯一能做的就是祈祷我明天考试能够通过.我发誓我以后会努力学习的.我的眼皮已经中的无法张开,过了几分钟,我趴在桌子上睡着了.(望采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢!)

Hamlet 》BE literature renew the poem of the period British greatnessThe work of the most of person and playwright Shakespeare.19 centuries the critic's woo

Want to learn English well, you must first to develop interest in English study. "Interest is the best teacher," interest is the great power to learn English, had the interest, learning would be easier. We have this kind of experience, like, easy to

Because he is a Pan Weibo.Pan Weibo music on the hard level is obvious from the start his debut, he spent more time than others efforts. Because he is not technical education, had never before studied music and musical instruments, so he must

U.S. modern writer Ernest Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea" is about - the elderly to travel between success and failure of the story. Santiago fighting a lifetime fish, now old. His "look like Kushou dry, the back of the neck is full of deep


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