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一篇题目为wE CAn mAkE A DiFFErEnCE的英语文章的翻译

We can make a difference.我们能够产生影响.

It is not necessary to be a great scientist to make a difference , but there are things we can learn from the best minds in this world . Great scientists like Stephen Hawking always want to know more .They are never satisfied with a simple answer and


那个有什么影响吗?是的 有很大的影响! make difference可表示有影响或有区别、、这里标有影响、、

we can make a diffe 我们可以做一个差异

永不放弃希望 生活并不alaways给我们什么,我们want.we不alaways ,使我们的希望和梦想成真,和东西不alaways发生在我们的pleasure.but不放弃希望,因为everying是复杂多变的,你可以作出的差异在不同时间和不同的情况. 寻求美,你周

make a difference,表示带来积极的不同的效果.我举个例子,英国老师来教我们就是不同凡响啊,我们英语得到了很大的提高翻译为英语是The teachers from UK really can make a difference in improving our English.

It's our great honor and deepest pleasure to welcome you, our dear friends, both old and new from all over China, all over Asia, and all over the world. On behalf of our dedicated classmates, our distinguished teachers, foreign friends, especially our

How to be happy 外语教育网 Happiness is them most precious thing in life. Without it, a man will feel that his ill fate has taken charge of (支配) him and the world is utterly(完全地) dark and dreadful(可怕的). On that account,his body grows

as a student,we should form a good learing habit first.We ought to prepare for every lesson and be absorbed during the class.After we learn something new we should review them and finish the homework by ourselves.and we should be hard in



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