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1) Pussy Cat Dolls (或原唱:Jane Child) - Don't Wanna Fall In LoveAin't no personal thing boybut you have got to stay awayfar, far away from my heart, my heartdon't you know what your kiss is doinglet me tell it to you from the start, boyI don't



no one loves you (like i love you) 歌手:atomic kitten 专辑:feels so good You and I would've shared love so strong and so secure But all you left the memories the feelings are no more Like flowers in the big field All died and blown away The letters

都很有feel哦! be my 1004群星 很轻松、 blow me a kissgit fresh 此歌手唯一两首好听的歌之一 booty musicgit fresh 同上 boyfriendashlee simpson 高潮不错 california群星 听开头就想听下去 comme avantshery

是超级男孩n sync 的《POP》对了给咱加分啊!~歌手:n sync 专辑:celebrity popdirty pop, yoj. t.(justin:)sick and tired of hearingall these people talk aboutwhats the deal with this pop lifeand when is gonna fade outthe thing you got to realizewhat

《booty music》when the beat goin like that (boom boom)girl, i wanna put you up in my roomi wanna put you up against that wall [?]throw you on the bed and take your clothes off (clothes off)everybody don't like it slow (it slow)consider me one of

Good Time 中间空格,用酷狗搜

just one last dance

克雷格大卫的7 days 、insomnia、unbelievable 尼欧的mad 、closer和miss independent 克里斯布朗的with you trey songz的bottoms up chris brown的kiss kiss、gimme that、deuces jeremih的birthday sex bruno mars的just the way you are、the lazy song usher的omg、love in this club trey songz的say aah iyaz的replay jason derulo的whatcha say你可以去听听看 绝对符合你口味


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