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Shortlisted applicants入围的申请人,入围的求职者,初审合格者Shortlisted applicants may be required to attend an interview. 入围的申请人可能需要参加面试.

就是布里斯托考虑你的非学术性因素然后给你一个要求比standard offer低的offer.布里斯托原文如下:When assessing whether applicants meet our academic requirements, contextual criteriamay be applied to those who attend a school or college

选择合格的应聘者Assessment of applicants.对申请者进行评估choice of qualified applicants.选择合格的应聘者Familiarization and training of employees.精通员工的培训

hand l applicants一方面应聘者applicantsn.申请人,求职人( applicant的名词复数 ); 例句:1.And lingering prejudice makes life harder for many black job applicants. 延续至今的偏见使黑人工作申请者生活艰难.

Typically, Likely Letters are sent to applicants several weeks before official admission verdicts are slated to go out. This usually means some time in October for Early Decision/Action applicants and late-February or March for Regular Decision

primary applicant主申请人applicant[英][plknt][美][plknt]n.申请人,求职人; 请求者; 复数:applicants例句:1.A chinese applicant also has to pay a considerable fee to an immigration agency. 一个中国的申请者不得不给移民局相当数目的费用.-----------------------------------如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

first year applicants是指第一年的申请者international applicants是指国际申请者具体意思还要看在文章中的意思不懂再问谢谢

no.of applicants = numbers of applicants 意思是:申请人(求职者)的总数量No.加缩写点的这个词是number 的缩写

for adb scholarship applicants 对于亚行奖学金申请者for adb scholarship applicants 对于亚行奖学金申请者




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