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BEAutiFul now歌词

Beautiful Now - Zedd,Jon Bellion 美在当下 I see what you're wearing, there's nothing beneath it 我看见了你身着何物,毫无掩映显现于我眼前 Forgive me for staring, forgive me for breathing 原谅我的不住凝视,原谅我的短暂窒息 We might not

正确的歌词是“You don't know you're beautiful”,出自歌曲《what makes you beautiful》外文名称:what makes you beautiful所属专辑:《Up All Night》 发行时间:2011年9月11日 歌曲原唱:单向组合 填 词:Rami Yacoub,Carl Falk,Savan

you are beautiful 演唱:James Blunt

歌曲名:Beautiful, Beautiful歌手:Francesca Battistelli专辑:WOW Hits 2011Francesca Battistelli - Beautiful, BeautifulDon't know how it is you looked at meAnd saw the person that I could beAwakening my heart,Breaking through the dark,

//mp3.You'《you are beautiful 》You'.英国各电台也都大肆播放这首歌,接着横扫欧洲大陆.http.baidu,无形中将Back to Bedlam推到了UK Albums Chart榜的榜首.com/m,歌曲刚一推出就排在了榜单的第12位.com/m,6周后更是势无可挡的夺取了冠军宝座

阿肯的right now (na na na) 很好听.很喜欢阿肯磁性的声音 阿肯很有才


marry you?-------it beautiful night

Christina Aguilera - BeautifulDon't look at meEvery day is so wonderfulAnd suddenly, it's hard to breatheNow and then, I get insecureFrom all the fame, I'm so ashamedI am beautiful no matter what they sayWords can't bring me downI am beautiful in

Zedd&Jon Bellion Beautiful Now


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