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Follow thE rulEs造句

We should follow the rules for the school and home .

Follow the school rules when you are at school.在学校要遵守校规.

At school,you must follow the rules.

If you don't follow the rules, you'll be in trouble.As students of middle school, everyone must follow the rules.Follow the school rules when you are at school.

Everyone should obey the traffic rules.每个人都应该遵守交通法规.It is important to obey the traffic rules.遵守交通规则是非常重要的.I like Japanese food because it is famous for being fresh.我喜欢日本食物,因为它为是著名的新鲜的.Austria is famous for its music.奥地利以音乐而闻名.I have been to America.我曾经到过美国. I have been to the hospital to see my friend.我去了医院看了我的朋友.

Please follow the rules of this game请遵照这个游戏的规则Rules = 规则

follow the rules 遵守规则

同义句:You have to obey the rulesYou musn't break the rules 你不能违规希望能帮到你.

students in the school must follow the rules.希望我的回答能对你有帮助如果还有问题,可以问我,^_^

你好,应该填写: The teacher asks her students to follow these rules.老师要求她的学生遵守这些规定 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~祝你进步,如对你有帮助,请及时采纳~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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