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readout英 ['ri:da t] 美 [ rid a t] n. 读出器,读出adj. 读出的[亦作read-out]复数: readouts

switch-operated是 操作开关 控制开关例句:1. In electronics, a single or multiple switch operated by an electromagnetic effect.在电子技术中,一种由电磁效应操纵的单路或多路开关.2. Inertia switch operated by sudden deceleration.用突然减速


read out loud eg:1. shouted out loud 大叱一声2. I laugh out loud. 我大声笑.

digital readout英[diditl ri:daut]美[ddtl ridat]数字读出

fast 1 minute readout1分钟快速读出

control face 英 美 控制界面 control face的用法和样例:例句 The name and class are then displayed on the digital readout panel on the controller face.姓名和班级,然后显示在数字读数事务委员会就控制器面对的问题.He mopped his

graphic form英 [rfik f:m] 美 [rfk frm][释义]图像形式;[网络]图形形式; 图象形式;[例句]The readout is provided in numerical or graphic form.读数可以用数字形式或者图形形式提供.

External Commands外部命令双语对照例句:1.Konstantin ernst, who commands russia's main state tv channel and is in charge ofeurovision, said it was the "external political effect" that mattered. 俄罗斯主要国营电视频道的管理者与本届歌唱

Left(Readout, InStr(Readout, Format(0, ".")) - 1) 这句说起来比较复杂,一个一个跟你说format(0,".")格式化输出,结果为0. insrt(readout,format(0,"."))相当与insrt(readout,"0.")表示0在变量readout的位置.比如120.3 那么位置就是3.


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